Original shorts and feature length documentaries are the foundation of Watershed Productions Inc. We create independent digital films with the purpose of building new social awareness and vibrant communities.

  • Dreamers and Dissidents

    30 minutes – late 2014, Director/Producer

    Dreamers and Dissidents

    With a winning commission of $40,000 from British Columbia’s Knowledge Network, Amy Bohigian of Watershed Productions will create a series of short documentary films about the history of Nelson and the Kootenays. The historical documentaries will be created from still photographs – archival, historical and even personal photos – centred on the Kootenays region. Twenty-seven… More »

  • Conceiving Family

    50 minutes – 2011, Director/Producer – DVD's now available

    Conceiving Family

    Conceiving Family follows (Director/Producer) Amy Bohigian and her partner, Jane Byers, as they adopt biracial 15 month-old twins, Franny and Theo. Their journey to becoming a family, like the other four same-sex couples, is laden with challenges, including confronting the Christian Fundamentalist foster parents who express fear that the children they’ve cared for since birth… More »

  • Rural Transcapes

    30 minutes – 2012, Director – DVD's available

    Rural Transcapes

    Rural Transcapes is a topical film that profiles four transgendered individuals who have chosen to live in the rural area of the Kootenays. Christopher Moore is one of the people featured in the film and is the founder of the TransConnect Program, which provides outreach services to transgendered folks around the East and West Kootenays…. More »

  • Love It and Leave It

    31 minutes – 2008, Director/Producer – DVD available

    Love It and Leave It

    In an attempt to make sense of her experience as an expatriate living in Canada, the filmmaker connects with eleven other natural born Americans living in both Canada and Mexico. Along the way, she questions the assumptions of her proud American childhood and explores her shifting sense of identity.

  • The Tall Man

    2011, Extras Casting Director and Wrangler

    The Tall Man

    Short Synopsis Once a thriving mining community, present day Cold Rock is a ghost town clouded by an unthinkable tragedy haunting those who remain. Children are disappearing without a trace. Superstitious locals speak in hushed tones of the tall man, a dark and mysterious figure who may indeed be responsible for the abductions or simply… More »

  • 50 Years! Of Love?

    56 minutes – 2008, Assistant Editor

    50 Years! Of Love?

    Durga Shakti Productions, Karin Slater and Steven Bartlo A filmmaker couple sets out around the world to have an honest look at marriage far beyond the honeymoon and the “happily ever after” cliches. Only then will they decide to take the giant step themselves.

  • Beyond the Chair

    8 minutes – 2006, Director – DVD available

    Beyond the Chair

    Beyond the Chair chronicles the working lives of three unique barbers and hairdressers who share their personal experiences of working with clients and the lessons learned along the way. Upbeat, and often humourous, this short documentary captures a world so familiar, yet unexamined.